Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Pyjama Game — Part Two

In my last post I was considering making a kimono and singlet top to go with the 'jama pants.

Done, and done.

I had a pattern for a kimono (Pattern Pack No 12) that I picked up at a charity shop a year or two ago. It had been an inclusion in a copy of a magazine called Successful Sewing and had no instructions enclosed. The 'fully illustrated step-by-step instructions' could be found in the magazine which, of course, was missing. But how hard could it be to make a garment with three main pattern pieces? Not hard at all as it turns out.

There was just enough fabric left after making the pants to cut out a short kimono which was what I wanted. 

I found a very small piece of navy Thai silk in the sewing box, just enough to do the cuff and collar band. The waist tie used up the last of the main fabric (a really silky polyester) and the last of the Thai silk as a ¼ inch piping.

This Style pattern No 3889, 1983, was the base I used for the singlet top. View 4, size 12 just needed to be taken in at the side seams and the neck shaped to accommodate shoulder straps. 

The fabric is a cotton interlock and the neck and armholes are finished with a top-stitched standard bias binding. If I remember correctly, the fabric has been in the sewing box since the 1980s. I knew I'd get around to using it one day!


  1. Very stylish. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have clicked follow here. Looking forward to seeing your next project. Jo x

  2. Thanks Jo. I enjoyed reading your blog. I'll be back!