Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My First Bash at a Burda

With my thoughts still running on beach wear, I was keen to try out a Burda pattern using a length of stretch terry that was purchased when my last child was a baby. He's now nearly thirty!

The pattern, Burda No 2565, is designed for lightweight jerseys but proved more than adequate, with a few alterations, for my beach hoodie project.

I had in mind a casual coverup to go with the pants discussed in the last post.

I cut the fabric out adding a little extra length and a straight side seam instead of the more fitted waist of the pattern. Even the most creative placement of pattern pieces couldn't provide enough material for long sleeves, but three quarter is fine for summer days.

Although the hood in the pattern is not lined, I've lined mine with some interlock left over from this project. The colour blends nicely with the pants.

I top stitched the seams of the hood and the shoulder, which gives a pleasing finish, and used a white bias binding to neaten the neckline seam.

The front pocket was an impromptu addition, not included in the pattern, after I discovered a small smudge on the white fabric.

I'm very happy with the fit of this Burda pattern which I'm thinking will get a lot more use.


  1. I like how there's a peek of minty green element in the hood which goes nicely with your pant. Also this coverup looks really relaxing, good for strolling in the park or beach.

    1. Thanks Emily. Yes, that bit of colour inside the hood worked well.

  2. I like the lined hood and it looks like a really useful top. I tried to make my 8 year old a dress version of one of these in May but I didn't check the stretch of the fabric properly and cut it the on the wrong grainline and it was really long on the sleeves, down past her knees and there was no stretch width wise to get it over her head. - Aggh! you live and learn!

    1. A tale of woe indeed! I hate it when projects go pear-shaped, so much effort wasted.