Sunday, 8 November 2015

Bear With Me

Some would have it that dressmaking and crafting is an expensive hobby, my blogging mission is aimed at dispelling that myth. Sure, you can spend mega-bucks if you put your mind to it: sewing machines that do everything except dispense coffee, purpose-built sewing-room furniture, ironing presses, gadgets galore (most of which are fantastic but not essential), and fabrics costing a king's ransom. The good thing is that, with a basic sewing machine, a pair of scissors, a tape measure and some pins, you can sew up a storm.

This little bear, Bernard I've called him, is a case in point. He's made from a piece leftover after making the chemise top. The fabric cost 50 cents. So a top and a bear for 50 cents. He's now on his way to add to 'Geelong Mums' Handmade Crusade Christmas collection for distribution to kids in need of a cuddly friend. Check their Facebook page here.  

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