Saturday, 4 July 2015

Kid Stuff

My cute little grandson, Floyd (14 months), comes to play with me on Tuesdays while his mum is at work. I decided to make him a pair of pants from a pattern I used for my own kids back in the dark ages. So while he was having his nap, I got started.

Simplicity pattern number 7378 is dated 1970 and is a size 1. I measured Floyd's leg length while he was standing still for a moment and found the pattern would do nicely. I planned to make them as a trouser with an easy-up elastic waist and a stitched hem at the bottom. I folded the overall pattern at the waist leaving an allowance for a turn over for the elastic.

In the material box I found some navy tracksuit material with a fleecy back (cosy for winter in Australia's southern region) which was left over from a sewing project in 1987! Can you believe that? Hang onto a thing for long enough and it will come in handy!

Anyway, this piece of fabric turned out to be not quite long enough for the hem allowance. This is the best bit about sewing 'from the box'. This is when sewing gets creative. Back in the box, I found a small piece of medium-weight, mid-blue denim to add as a cuff. Easy-peasy.

So, the planned functional pair of tracky bums turned into a snazzy pair of pants for the boy-about-town.

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