Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Frou-Frou Scarf

My frou-frou scarf came about because of a piece of fabric leftover after I made this dress for my granddaughter to wear to a wedding a few years ago.

The fabric was so slippery and unmanageable that I stuffed what was left in the box and hoped never to find it again. It floated to the top the other day just when my overlocker arrived back from the repair man. I wondered how the machine would cope with the flimsy stuff and am pleased to report it stitched beautifully.

I overlocked the four sides of a large rectangle and decided it would make a good wrap or scarf but it needed a bit more work. I thought perhaps some ruching might give it a bit oomph. I stitched all around the edge ½ inch (13 mm) in from the overlocking with shirring elastic in the bobbin.

Hmm, maybe some more shirring was needed. I wound another length of shirring elastic on to the bobbin and started shirring rows about 5 inches (13 cm) apart. It wasn't until the final row was done that I decided it was a success, very feminine and … frou-frou. 

It looks good tied but I also made a black satin scrunchie for a slightly different look.

If you want to make one too then here's how:

Cut a rectangle about 36 inches (92 cm) x 60 inches (152 cm) and overlock edges.

Using tailor's chalk, mark seven rows evenly spaced down the length of the fabric. Marking at this stage will make sewing easy once the rows start to scrunch up.

Wind the shirring elastic onto the bobbin of your standard machine. Wind by hand without stretching the elastic. Insert as usual in the bobbin casing, thread top with normal cotton and set stitch length to maximum.

Stitch all the way around, right side up, ½ inch (13 mm) in from the overlocking.

Now sew down the rows that you marked with chalk, right side up again, backstitching to secure at start and finish of rows.

Pull threads through to wrong side and trim.

You'll notice that the shirring has resulted in the long side becoming the shorter side.

Pull the diagonal corners to offset the rows of shirring.

Now wrap up and enjoy your Frou-Frou Scarf.

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